Terrorism and Media Duplicity

If a Muslim commits an act of violence, the media explodes with loud cries. Journalists fire a full salvo of rhetoric pointing to terrorism. Within minutes, the public sings a chorus of disapproval, intensifying prejudice and perpetuating Islamophobia.

But the atmosphere was reconstructed when the roles reversed on Feb. 10 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Gun-toting Atheist Craig Hicks murdered three bright, full-of-potential Muslim students: Deah Barakat, 23; Yusor Mohammad, 21; and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19.

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The Fox News Fallacy

When it comes to mass media, there are three main interest groups that compete with one another. The government, terrorists and journalists all participate in a constant battle, vying for the public’s attention and support. Of course, their strategies differ greatly, but the media remains the leading platform used by all three to garner widespread acceptance.

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Humanity’s ‘Black Day’

For Pakistan: a country that is so close to me, yet so far away; a country with unwavering culture resting permanently in my heart, even with soil that does not rest under my feet; a country that instilled in me the values of family, faith, and tradition; a country that gave my parents a birthplace, my tongue a second language, my heart a foreign home; a country that has been hurt by senseless sectarian violence and governmental duplicity; but a country, nonetheless, whose people will surely survive the pain, emerge from the rubble, and unite unequivocally against enemies.

Dolores Huerta

The 1960s saw unprecedented levels of discrimination and injustice, yet societies relied on prominent social justice activists to spread messages of peace and to advocate for equal rights among all people.

Dolores Huerta was one such activist whose work in mobilizing civilians paved the way for immigrant and laborer’s rights, and also led to her co-founding the National Farm Workers Association, presently known as United Farm Workers, alongside Cesar Chavez.

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