Marriage Equality During the Holy Month

Yesterday a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling humbled humanity: The United States of America officially legalized gay marriage in all 50 states, putting one of contemporary society’s most pressing civil rights battles to rest.

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Ireland Says Yes

On May 23, the Republic of Ireland became my new favorite country.

For the rest of the world, it set the precedent for coexistence and equality, becoming the first country in the world to amend its constitution in order to legalize same-sex marriages — and it did so by popular vote, as over 60 percent of the 2 million Irish voters voted in favor of the referendum.

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Baying for Blood: The CIA’s Drone Warfare

On May 7, American media boasted of a dead terrorist in Yemen: Nasr bin Ali al-Ansi, the purported mastermind of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, was killed in a drone strike in Yemen. Back home, the United States celebrated the counter insurgency tactic of using unmanned aerial vehicles to do the dirty work.

But does al-Ansi’s death put an end to terrorism? No.

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The Baltimore Crisis

Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African American man and resident of Baltimore, Maryland, was arrested by Baltimore Police for carrying what they alleged was a switchblade. After brutal treatment, including a “rough ride,” Gray died in police custody on April 19 from spinal cord injuries sustained while riding in the police van. His funeral was held on April 27, and civil unrest ensued thereafter, as protests quickly turned violent.

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Terrorism and Media Duplicity

If a Muslim commits an act of violence, the media explodes with loud cries. Journalists fire a full salvo of rhetoric pointing to terrorism. Within minutes, the public sings a chorus of disapproval, intensifying prejudice and perpetuating Islamophobia.

But the atmosphere was reconstructed when the roles reversed on Feb. 10 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Gun-toting Atheist Craig Hicks murdered three bright, full-of-potential Muslim students: Deah Barakat, 23; Yusor Mohammad, 21; and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19.

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The Fox News Fallacy

When it comes to mass media, there are three main interest groups that compete with one another. The government, terrorists and journalists all participate in a constant battle, vying for the public’s attention and support. Of course, their strategies differ greatly, but the media remains the leading platform used by all three to garner widespread acceptance.

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